Drinking At Family Reunions

by Kimono Beach Party

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*Please read*

So when we originally released this EP back in January, it had no synth on it because Charlie had left his synth up in Newcastle. We finally got chance to finish it in July and I thought while I was at it I'd try to make it sound a little bit nicer with a bit more bass, which I hope I has worked out okay :)



released August 31, 2015

All music written and performed by Kimono Beach Party
Lyrics written by Oli King
Drums recorded at Snug Recording Co. --> www.snugrecording.com
Everything else recorded, mixed and mastered by Will Glasby
Artwork by Will Glasby



all rights reserved


Kimono Beach Party Derby, UK

We're an Indie/Math Rock fivesome who are currently pioneering our own sound with diverse influences and tastes.

Oli - Guitars/Vocals
Will - Guitars/Vocals
Andrew - Bass
Charlie - Synth
Dath - Drums

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Track Name: Lass
Don't waste time
We've been trained for this and now it's hit
Take it in your stride
Coping mechanisms are failing
Choking back tears is not a new thing
I'm feeling the same as you are
In the same place that you are
I wouldn't put it past you to hate me
Now living is only a maybe
There's not enough time in the day to fix this one

Greys and whites contort above the ground
Days and nights distort as I lie
Awake but dreaming
I know what I'm doing
I'm happier when I'm not

It seems we're all in the same boat
Sinking and screaming
We're all from the same home
Just surrounded by different walls
There's no telling when these habits will die but they'll die...
Harder than the rest.

You never let up
So let's start again
And we won't get up
Until it's dark and then
We'll get ourselves together
And smoke the night away
And make rash decisions
That aren't for the best
You never let up
So let's start again
And we won't get up
Until it's dark again
Track Name: Friends Don't Weigh Much
We're swimming away with our hands tied behind our backs
with minimal visuals.
I'm getting out (no you're not, I've had enough)
Sit down or you're gonna get thrown off course
If I could redirect my bloodflow I would because this
feeling in my chest leaves me sicker than it should

If I could bring you all I would
But it pains to say I can't
There's no room below deck or above
This ship's set sail for good

Breathing upside down in colours of October
Writing about when there
wasn't this conflict of interest

There isn't time to take your dreams into account
So what am I supposed to do
To make them come about
I'm gonna end the year with a
Handful useless knowledge
And spend the next 40 years just
Wishing that I'd thought this through
I don't feel accomplished

You're only an island for so long
While your body's adjusting
I know it's not all for nothing
Track Name: Dance And/Or Fight
There's so much to see,
When your head's below water and your eyes are open
If only we could breathe,
I reckon we'd be infinitely closer to the sea
I'm trying to find my feet,
But it's too easy to waste away the evenings dreaming
I only wanted to see,
if it's everything they said that it would be

Overhead the colours don't agree
The leaves are dead and fractured underneath
Space is closer than what you might need
Trees don't care about you or me

Her legs were by no means parallel
I was just hoping to take you to bed

This street is filled with regrets
And we're not going anywhere
No one is thinking in synchrony
Now that we're sinking

I'm feeling sick and you're losing sleep
And the sky's so far away it keeps
Me bound to physical parameters
It's not a place or a time, or a space it's not
My place to share
It's just the way it reflects light
Track Name: Everything According To Plan
There's too many lights
For me to think clearly
The people are fast but their
Faces are all closed and twisted
I haven't seen the Sun in about five hours
I'm starting to get homesick
From places I have never been

The drinks still taste the same and there's
Never any new words to change my perspective
I'm losing interest faster than I could care to mention
I've had the same fucking night for the
Last three weeks and I'm getting restless
I guess you could say I'm getting tired

Wasted daylight hours
Wasting twilight now

Irrespective of the quality of air
And the thoughts that creep in past the second hour
I wish that I could feel more grateful for this time
But deep down I know

I've never felt so fucking alive

It's almost 6 o' clock
And I don't feel alright
I know I did it first
That doesn't make it right
And now it's in my head
And there it will manifest
Until there's nothing more than
Broken skin and shallow breaths

No I don't feel fine
But it's enough to get by
Everything's according to plan
Track Name: Chemistry & Sinking Ships
One day I'll wake up and I'll be
Able to sing and articulate my thoughts
And then maybe I'll get my point across
But until then I'll settle for the
Monotone ramblings of a dying eccentric
Even if they don't get me anywhere

I'd catch, I'd catch, I'd catch a train to
Anywhere colder where I can throw words at the water
And watch as they swim with the visibly shaken facial expressions
You know I'm lost when it comes to making sense
And finishing sentences

You're scared and I don't blame you
There's only so many words left to say
And none of them will mean anything
close to what I want to say
You're losing interest and I'm
Honestly trying hard but there's no chemistry
Because you've got no interest in
Chemistry or a sinking ship like me

And there's never been a gloss quite like the
One that's enveloping your eyes
Track Name: You Can't Keep Me From Getting Drunk
Say it twice so you can
Fully understand the gravity of
What's been said amongst the
Trees that night and the smoke that falls in between
Thoughts so fast and steps so slow
Staring the past down toe to toe
Seeing more than what's ahead